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Dear Friend,

It\s not just your house.
It\s your home.

And although we sometimes use \house and home\ interchangeably, there really is a world of difference between the two.

Sure, they have a lot in common. Both have walls, ceilings, yards, doors, plumbing and roofs. They both provide shelter. The nails in the frame of a house are identical to those found at the core of a home.

But there\s a deep difference.

A house is a place. It\s an address on a street somewhere. It\s where your neighbor lives. It\s what that guy you know from work is trying to sell. A house is a listing in the classified or the subject for a home renovation television program.

A home is yours. It\s your castle, your retreat, your sanctuary. It\s proof of hard work and responsibility, a symbol of your personal progress. A home is where you spend time with your loved ones. It\s where you \recharge your batteries\, relax, eat, sleep and raise your children.

A home is important in a way that a house simply isn\t. That\s true whether you\re planning to stay in that home until your golden years or if it\s just a stop before you move onto the next home. A home is part of you. It\s not just a place. It\s a complete state of being.


Think about that question for a moment. Are you really happy in your home? Is it comfortable? Does it communicate your personal message? Does it help you to experience an optimal quality of life? Has it reached its maximum value?

Or could it be better?

If you\re completely and honestly convinced that there\s nothing you can do to improve your home, feel free to skip the rest of this letter. It isn\t for you.

If, on the other hand, you realize that things could be better, I invite you to keep reading. I think we understand one another.

Your home might be \just fine\. It might be the best joint on the block. But that doesn\t mean it\s \right\. It doesn\t mean that it meets your needs or that it fulfills your expectations. There\s always room for improvement.

Some might be \almost there\. Others may have a great deal to do before their homes really measure up.

But unless you\re one of the very, very rare few who just don\t care about their homes or who have somehow stumbled into perfection, there\s work to be done.


Work. Just the sound of the word is a little disheartening. The idea that your home, the very place you go to experience something better than the workplace, might require more work can be a little unattractive.

Who wants to work, after all?

You do.

Yes, you want to work. Because the kind of work we\re talking about has advantages that are nearly incomparable.

Good home improvement projects can...


Improve the quality of your life, turning your home into the kind of place in which you\ve always wanted to live.

Cut your bills. Trimming energy use and improving efficiency can put money in your pocket month after month.

Increase the value of your property. Smart home improvement increases the value of homes in excess of the price associated with the efforts involved.

Attract buyers. It\s a tough market out there. Old-fashioned \curb appeal\ isn\t enough to move a property these days. You want your home to have that \something extra\ that will magnetically attract buyers.

Be enjoyable. When you know what you\re doing and what it can mean to your home and your life, the work associated with home improvement is fulfilling and rewarding

That\s why I wrote Home Improvement: From Garage Door Openers to Feng-Shui. It\s an informative, fun guide to adding a little extra sugar to your home, sweet home.

Home Improvement: From Garage Door Openers to Feng-Shui is a one-of-a-kind collection of information, guidance, tips and ideas that can provide direction to your urge for a better home.

It\s not a collection of diagrams and plans. It does have step by step instructions for some projects, but it also contains background information about the most popular home improvement techniques.

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