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Dear Friend,

The guidebook said to use a wet sponge to remove excess grout from between the ceramic tiles.

Unfortunately, it FAILED to mention that wet grout doesn\t react that well to water. It can damage the finish and it can make the grout brittle after it sets.

The guidebook also FAILED to mention that an oversaturated sponge could lead to milky residue on the tiles that would be readily apparent after drying--and that would be a major hassle to clean.

You could do the job \by the book\ only to have an experienced tile pro laugh in your face. The guidebook\s \wet sponge\ would\ve been a \slightly dampened sponge\ in the hands of someone who\s \been there and done that\.


There\s a lot to be said for handling home improvements and remodeling on your own. Being a \do it yourselfer\ holds down costs, allows you to go after your personal vision with a passion and provides a remarkable sense of satisfaction when you complete a job.

But only if you do the job right.

And that\s why we don\t \wing it\. We get the books. We read the guides. We\re the only people on the face of the earth who actually read the fine print on product labels!

We do those things for a reason. We care. We want our homes to be perfect. We want to enjoy a job well done.


You can follow the instruction manuals with precision, only to end up with a lousy results. It happens all time. That problem I mentioned with the wet sponge and grout was only one of hundreds, if not thousands, of examples of the way the book and reality don\t always line up.

The pros understand that, too. If you\ve ever worked alongside someone who\s been in the business, you\ll find that they have little \tricks\ that work like a charm--and that don\t appear in any guide or handbook.

They pick up little tips and secrets over time. After you\ve done certain remodeling task for the umpteenth time, you tend to get pretty good at it. You develop a \feel\, you master a few secrets.

You and I, however, don\t have that luxury. We\re not going to do 1,000 kitchen remodels over the course of a 50-year career. We\re going to remodel our kitchen. Most likely, we\re going to do it once.

We don\t get the chance to discover those little things that can mean so much when it comes to successful home improvement and remodeling.


What kind of difference would it make if you could tackle your remodeling jobs with that insider information... You could:

* Improve the quality of your life, turning your home into the kind of place in which you\ve always wanted to live.

* Get the job done faster, using professional shortcuts that don\t appear on the back of the product label..

* Produce better results. Your home improvement jobs wouldn\t look like the work of a rank amateur. They wouldn\t suffer from those embarrassing little flaws.

* Avoid unnecessary work. You\d spend less time correcting blunders. Imagine not having to constantly \fix\ your own work!

* Have more fun. When you know what you\re doing and the best way to do it, the work associated with home improvement is fulfilling and rewarding.

That\s why I researched and compiled \Do It Yourself Remodeling: The Ultimate Tip Collection\. It\s an informative collection of tips, pointers, secrets and strategies to improve your remodeling work across a wide range of projects..

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